March 2005 Table of Contents

Fake grass, real controversy

In December, Ed Ehlen covered his 11,000-square-foot yard with artificial turf. The Marco Island, Fla., resident stated that the green covering is more aesthetically pleasing than grass, promotes water conservation, and doesn't require harmful pesticides or fertilizers to maintain its appeal. Read more

Legendary bear, owl celebrate milestones Legendary bear, owl celebrate milestones

Smokey Bear recently marked his 60th year of protecting America's forests, making the furry forest ranger the longest running public-service campaign in history. Read more

CONEXPO-CON/AGG products March 2005

Right on the heels of World of Concrete, CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005 lands at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 15–19. With more than 2300 exhibitors stretching over more than 1.85 million net square feet of exhibit space, the show offers an opportunity to view the latest construction and materials equipment, services, technology, and training. Here are just some of the items on display at the show: Read more

Water distribution Building a dual-purpose water system

Toronto reaches out 3 miles for drinking and cooling water Read more

Software Modeling with CFD

Software can make plant design quicker and easier Read more

Crushed glass makes solid roads Solid waste collection & disposal Crushed glass makes solid roads

Hydro-demolition is a method for removing concrete from bridge decks and concrete surfaces that uses high-pressure water and is faster and less labor-intensive than jackhammering. The process, however, creates a water-based slurry that contains high concentrations of hardened cement paste as suspended solids. This cement paste must be removed from the slurry before the water can be properly returned to the environment. Read more

Creating new development opportunity Hazardous waste/superfund Creating new development opportunity

Superfund site cleanup revitalizes Corinna Read more

Good culverts gone bad Bridges & culverts Good culverts gone bad

You're not capturing the true cost of your municipality's culverts if you don't include these key factors. Read more

Asphalt pavement & repair Asphalt recycling gains momentum

Various methods are available for paving Read more

Ten reasons to form an advisory board

There are numerous reasons why a local environmental advisory board or committee is a good idea. Here are 10: Read more

Administration & management Sound environmental advice

Forming local government environmental advisory boards Read more

Keeping your equipment shop updated Ideas & Opinions / Fleets Keeping your equipment shop updated

Darryl Syler, fleet operations manager for Little Rock, Ark., and 38 technicians operate four shops in which they maintain some 1200 vehicles and machines for the city. “Our biggest challenge is to stay up-to-date with the ability to diagnose and repair our fleet and equipment,” he said. Read more

Ideas & Opinions Extroverted engineering
Celebrating public works News & Views: Community Celebrating public works
Manufacturers donate equipment to tsunami-stricken area News & Views: Community Manufacturers donate equipment to tsunami-stricken area

Responding to the need for potable water in areas still reeling from the recent Asian tsunami, companies across the globe are donating their water-treatment equipment, funds, and the services of industry experts. Read more

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