April 2005 Table of Contents

Infrastructure construction & maintenance Total project management

A reliable solution for large infrastructure projects Read more

Snow & ice control Snow fighting in the 21st century

Emerging technologies enhance efficiencies Read more

Training: put it in the purchase contract Ideas & Opinions / Fleets Training: put it in the purchase contract

Providing training for mechanics these days—especially for new heavy equipment—can be a challenge, especially for smaller cities and counties. The solution, most fleet managers have found, is to write training into the purchase contracts for the equipment. Then it becomes the vendor's responsibility to supply the training. Read more

Do you have a Cindy? Ideas & Opinions Do you have a Cindy?

At the city where I used to work, there is a woman named Cindy who handles all the calls for the public works department, providing a front-line response to all requests and complaints. With her knowledge of city regulations and procedures, she is quickly able to determine the proper reaction to each caller's concerns. If the caller is requesting some type of service the city does not normally provide, like shoveling their personal walk or driveway or cutting down their neighbor's tree hanging over the property line, Cindy is able to calmly explain why the city is not able to help and can sometimes suggest alternate solutions. Read more

Law strengthens fight against weeds News & Views: Operations Law strengthens fight against weeds
News & Views: Rules & Regulations EPA unveils new lead testing program
AWWA show hits San Francisco in June News & Views: Operations AWWA show hits San Francisco in June
Bush selects EPA leader News & Views: People Bush selects EPA leader
Self flagellation Editorial Self flagellation

People wear their patriotism in different ways. Although I've never been the type to make a lot of noise about it, I'm proud to be an American and proud of what this nation has accomplished both at home and abroad. Read more

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