• Chris Finberg talks about his work on YouTube.
    Chris Finberg talks about his work on YouTube.

Then: In 2008, Chris Finberg, a Las Vegas Department of Field Operations employee, developed a preventive maintenance program which aimed to reduce roadway lifecycle costs by 66%. Created to benefit the city’s residential streets, the process had just been approved for a test run on more heavily traveled roads.

Now: Finberg’s process of treating asphalt with a hydrophobic sand mixture to avert water intrusion is being used citywide. Filling the pavement with this composition restores the surface’s original grade, so less material needs to be uprooted for repairs, allowing for faster completion. It’s also so simple that any employee can perform repairs. The process is virtually the same as it was when it was introduced in 2008.

Watch: Finberg talks about his projects for the city, here.