Carl Quiram
Director of Public Works
Goffston, N.H.

While Carl Quiram has been a key player in several projects, including constructing a new public works facility and updating an aging roadwork network, he hasn't done it all alone.

“Carl's taught me the significance of building good relationships with colleagues, businesses, local and state officials, and residents,” says Town Engineer Meghan Theriault. “During various natural disasters, we've called upon New Hampshire Mutual Aid and local contractors for help. Carl's relationships with other municipal officials and vendors allowed us to get immediate assistance.”

Theriault began working with Quiram in May 2004. He took her under his wing early on and spent a lot of time teaching her the inner workings of the engineering department. She learned not only the importance of interpersonal skills within her engineering position, but also how to look at the bigger picture.

Because of Quiram's influence, Theriault doesn't focus just on the technical aspects of site plans; she also investigates the potential long-term financial, environmental, and aesthetic impacts that site plans will have on the community and its infrastructure.

“He showed me how each and every project we work on has a lasting effect on the community,” she says. “It's my job to take responsibility for my actions and decisions and do my best to communicate the importance of these projects.”