James Grube
Director of Transportation/City Engineer
Hennepin County, Minn.

For more than 33 years, Jim Grube's been motivating colleagues while sharing his expertise.

“He encourages us to attend classes, and he gets you to think about the value it provides and how it can help you in your job,” says Carlton Moore, public works director for the City of Mound, Minn.

Grube began his career as a city engineer for three Minnesota cities — St. Louis Park (where he worked with Moore), Brooklyn Center, and Fairmont — a job that lasted 17 years. Today, he and his team of 213 full-time employees in six divisions design, build, and ensure traffic flows smoothly throughout the state's largest populated county.

In 2008, Grube managed a 60-block urban arterial reconstruction project along Lake Street in Minneapolis during which he formed an advisory committee to ensure resident and business consent.

“Jim's one of the best engineers I've known, but his ethics taught me much more — and that was to always do the right thing,” says Moore. “No matter who we're dealing with, whether it be a resident, contractor, or city council member, we treat them with respect and follow the city's policies. It is the golden rule.”

Grube also encouraged Moore to take continuing education classes, become involved in their local APWA chapter, and attend seminars to network with others and become familiar with the industry.

“All of this provided me with the contacts and tools to move up in the profession,” he says. “It helps an incredible amount to know people in the various agencies and organizations you can call upon for advice and assistance when needed.”