Ray Funnye
Director of Public Services
Georgetown County, S.C.

The 61,000 residents of Georgetown County have Ray Funnye to thank for providing full access to North Litchfield Beach, now the county's longest beach access and the only one with fully Americans with Disability Act-approved ramps and walkways, for the enjoyment of all.

County employees also have reasons to be thankful.

Holley Causey, who supervises the environmental services division, commends Funnye for giving her the chance to take on new responsibilities based on her past successes.

“He taught me that no matter what task you've been given, you must always give 100% — and hard work really does pay off,” she says. “I've tried to base my leadership style on his concepts. Although he demands a lot and urges each employee to produce, he's never too busy to roll up his sleeves and help.”

Funnye also taught Causey how to use all available resources in a cost-efficient and timely manner. During a recent recycling center expansion, Causey put his example to good use by, instead of paying contractors, using public works employees and equipment to finish grading the expansion area and asking facility services employees to wire the stationary cardboard compactor.

“He's taught me how to look at a project from start to finish, identify key players, and determine potential obstacles before even starting. This type of planning allows employees to be proactive rather than face stumbling blocks along the way,” says Causey.