Baltimore's partnership with Adopt-A-Waterway targets the Inner Harbor and the city's other major waterways. Photo: Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association

Baltimore has entered into a partnership with Adopt-A-Waterway to solve problems with the area's urban and stormwater runoff, announced Baltimore mayor Martin O'Malley. The pact unites local, regional, and national businesses and government to raise funds for stormwater cleanup at no expense to local taxpayers. The mayor was joined by Paul Polizzotto, founder, president, and CEO of Adopt-A-Waterway; and Jay Sakai, head of the Bureau of Water and Wastewater, Baltimore City Department of Public Works.

Baltimore's five-year agreement with Adopt-A-Waterway stands to bring the city more than $1 million for cleanup, and to aid in the city's compliance with federal clean water laws. In addition, Adopt-A-Waterway will provide a community and education program, which will target all of the city's major waterways. Revenue from the initiative will help fund debris collectors, greening projects, streambank restoration, stormwater management, and other new technologies designed to reduce trash, debris, and pollutants from the waterways.

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