GIS maps in Mississippi and other areas ravaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita have aided in planning and recovery efforts. Source: ESRI
Customized GIS solutions

The company provides customized GIS applications for agencies, whether they have experience and an existing GIS system, or are just getting started. The service can help users develop comprehensive specifications, specialty applications, and detailed technical training. The company can work directly with an agency's staff to identify system inputs and outputs, then come up with a conceptual system design model, which then can be developed to support a comprehensive implementation strategy. Users can obtain assistance with data collection, database building, geographic analysis, and system implementation. MD Atlantic Technologies Inc.

Carbide cutter

This carbide cutter provides a broad range of capabilities—it can be used to clean, grind, or mill concrete surfaces, thermoplastics, membranes, epoxy, or other materials. With three times more carbide than similar products and an innovative keylock design, the sturdy, long-lasting tool delivers full-faced surface contact to produce any profile desired. Kut-Rite Manufacturing Co.

Telescopic traffic cone

When flattened, these traffic cones offer a low 2-inch profile, but they can be extended to 28 inches in approximately two seconds. Their compact design enables them to be stacked or fit into any vehicle. The cones each feature an LED light for low-visibility conditions; the light, operated with 2 AAA batteries, will work up to 300 hours, in steady or flashing mode. Two high-visibility reflective bands are included. In addition, the cone comes with a super-bright LED that can make the whole cone body flash, and a flashing light bar at the top for increased safety. GTM Giroud Technologies Mfg.

Temporary perimeter barrier

The Smart Barrier perimeter system creates a safe work zone and alerts civilians to prohibited areas. The products are visible, rapidly deployable, easy to store, and versatile. The product line includes SB 1000 4-foot high stackable plastic cylinders. Each device has a high-intensity reflective security zone message, LED warning beacons, perimeter rope, security zone barriers, and custom signs. Three color options are available for different situations. Temporary Perimeter Systems LLC.

Transparent noise barriers

Quilite barriers combine noise-cutting capability with light-transmitting aesthetics. The post/panel system consists of polycarbonate plastic modules in steel frames. The attachment process gives users flexibility in building free-standing structures or wall-height extensions. The products are lightweight, durable, graffiti-resistant, and able to blend in with existing architecture. Testing rates the barriers at 60% to 80% noise reduction and light transmission of 80%. Quilite Noise Barriers International.

Curb markers

These 4-inch 3-D embossed storm-drain markers, made from heavy-gauge metal, are highly durable, outlasting plastic disks by decades. Choose from four different metals: stainless, brass, aluminum, and anodized aluminum. The “call before you dig” markers help protect against damage to buried utilities by permanently communicating the location and the kind of utility The markers may be color coded for each different service. Installation is fast and simple, using adhesive, mechanical fastener, or the company's subsurface, thief-resistant mounting method. Users can order deep-stamped serial numbers or have them engraved with custom copy, such as city, town, or state information. A smaller size is available for tighter spaces. Almetek Industries.

Lighting design software

Streetscape Imaging II is a software tool that enables planners to simulate images to visualize how various lighting products will appear at a given site. To use, load the software; import a digital photo of the site; bring in the selected lighting fixtures, poles, or bollards, scaling them to the correct size; then adjust the scene to show the site in daytime or nighttime conditions. The updated version includes tools for roadway installations, bollards, accessories, landscape furnishings, and site amenities. Sternberg Lighting.