Though made from rum and vodka byproducts, Magic Minus Zero contains no alcohol. Road departments, mostly in the Northeastern states, have been using the liquid de-icer for several years.

Below are just a few anti-icing/de-icing products made from agricultural byproducts:

Magic Minus Zero from Sears Ecological Applications Co. LLC is made from vodka and rum byproducts. It melts snow and ice in temperatures to -35° F, and works faster and lasts longer than untreated salt. For more information, visit

SnowSlicer from EnviroTech Services Inc. is a prewet ice-melting product that rivals the melting capacity of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride — but at a lower cost. Because it reduces application rates, fewer chlorides are placed into the environment. It is produced from all-natural ingredients. Visit

The Geomelt product line from SNI Solutions is made from the byproducts of sugar beets. When combined with salt, the beet juice freezes at a lower temperature than salt alone and can be used in below-zero weather. The mixture also reduces the corrosive properties of salt and improves its effectiveness. Missouri DOT has tested it over the past few years with success. Visit