Heavy-duty pickup

The RXT is the latest in the company's line of heavy pickups. It has a payload capacity of up to 6 tons, can tow up to 7 ¾ tons in a variety of tow configurations, and has a drivetrain up to 300 hp. The truck has a 4x2 crew cab, 8-foot pickup bed, and aero front and rear bumpers. Operators can order the company's Green Diesel Technology retrofit kit, in order to comply with upcoming emissions requirements. International Truck and Engine Corp. www.pwmag.com/06feb10.

Multi-purpose dump body

The Flo' N Dump II is a second-generation, multi-purpose dump body. Its electrically actuated hopper has sides that open over a conveyor and convert the body into a self-cleaning hopper spreader. The hopper sides close down over the conveyor to form a conventional, flat-floor dump body. The updated design eliminates crossmembers. In addition, the product offers lightweight construction, with AR400 high-tensile steel. Air-Flo Manufacturing. www.pwmag.com/06feb11.

Vehicle-mounted lighting

The durable, dual-lamphead StarBeam lighting fixture offers remote control capability. The upgraded product has corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel shafts; redesigned mounting with simplified adjustment hardware; and tighter overall fit and finish tolerance. The fixture delivers 330 degrees of motor-driven rotation in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Users can control the placement and output to obtain high-quality lighting in extreme operating environments. K&H Industries Inc. www.pwmag.com/06feb12.

Slide-out tray

The Gorilla Slide gives users an easy way to load and unload heavy items in work vehicles, diminishing the risk of injury. The heavy-duty product glides on sealed roller bearings on a galvanized steel track, and they can be locked and fixed in place in 10-inch increments. The slide—constructed of heavy-gauge, 1/8-inch aluminum—is rated to handle 1200 pounds of evenly distributed cargo. It can be installed on pickups, vans, service bodies, and trailers. An installation kit and instructions are provided. Highway Products Inc. www.pwmag.com/06feb13.

Front-drive axle option

The company's M2 106 and 106V business-class trucks now offer factory-installed Meritor front-drive axles for all-wheel drive (AWD) performance. The option is ideal for municipal service, snowplow, and utility applications. The AWD option can be activated when needed during poor-traction conditions, and it can be engaged while the truck is moving at or below 10 mph, or while the vehicle coasts on a level grade. The axle option is offered in a 4x4 or 6x6 configuration on trucks with MB#800 or Cat C7 engines. Freightliner Trucks. www.pwmag.com/06feb9.

Object detection

The Object Detection and Brake Interlock System safeguards against a work truck striking obstacles. The product combines a brake lock and radar object detection to automatically stop the vehicle, rather than simply alerting the vehicle operator to an obstruction. It detects moving and stationary objects within the radar signal cone; for vehicles with larger blind spots, multiple sensors can be networked to enlarge the sensing area. An onboard display provides visual and audible when an object is detected. MICO Inc. www.pwmag.com/06feb14.

Truck-mount hydraulics

The company offers a range of truck-mounted central hydraulic systems for medium- to heavy-duty applications. An efficient load-sense piston pump has a flow-on-demand system that eliminates excessive horsepower draw. The auger/spinner motors offer a spool valve design that provides efficient performance, and optional electronic sensors deliver reliable feedback. The VT35 valve assembly completely protects components under an easy-to-remove cover, and gasketless passive seal technology prevents salt spray while venting moisture. Other items include a number of controller options, high-pressure filters, and a range of valve configurations. Force America. www.pwmag.com/06feb15.Circle 15.

Fiberglass truck bodies

Fibre Body truck bodies deliver lightweight, cost-effective solutions for maximizing work-truck productivity. The bodies come in sizes that fit 60- to 120-inch cab-to-rear-axle dimensions, and tandem-axle chassis. Optional equipment enables users to tailor the bodies to meet specialized needs. The fiberglass construction helps save fuel costs and reduces wear and tear on springs, shocks, tires, and other truck parts. The compound is impregnated with color, so that touchups and repainting are not required. Brand FX Body Co. www.pwmag.com/06feb16.

Heavy-duty hitch

The Power Pull Xtreme Class-V hitch is rated for 12,000 pounds of carrying capacity, and 15,000 pounds of weight-distributing capacity. It features all-steel construction and a 2½-inch receiver opening. The hitch is easy to install and the powder-coated polyester black paint finish is resistant to corrosion. The hitch is available for ¾- and 1-ton pickups, including 2001–2005 Chevy Silverados, 1995–2002 Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500, and 1999–2005 Ford F250 and F350 super-duty vehicles. Valley Industries. www.pwmag.com/06feb17.

Custom dump bodies

The company's Select custom dump-body program enables users to design their own dump body configurations without incurring the additional cost and time associated with other custom-designed products. Choose between traditional square body styles or elliptical bodies, then choose the best steel to fit your specific application. Other options include various tailgate designs, side heights, floor materials, and understructure designs. A range of optional accessories also are offered. Crysteel Manufacturing Inc. www.pwmag.com/06feb18.

Durable dump body

The Yardbird dump body is designed for use in light-duty applications, such as landscaping, construction, and utility work. The continuous-formed body side-wall and enclosed top rail deliver superior resistance to moisture and corrosion. It comes with the company's 1520 hoist, which is powered by a 5-inch cylinder. Choose sizes from 2 to 4½ cubic yards, and lengths from 8 to 12 feet. Other features include heavy-duty platform hinge, quick-release tailgate pins, and electric or PTO drive. Heil Environmental. www.pwmag.com/06feb19.

Truck lifts

Models LMF-12 and TP-15 truck lifts offer 12,000- and 15,000-pound capacities, respectively. The lifts offer heavy-duty construction, each in a twin-post, clear-floor, above-ground configuration. Both columns offer a large footprint for increased stability and reduced floor stress. When lowered, the swing arms fit under nearly any vehicle. The all-position mechanical safety locks are backed by a hydraulic locking safety system, which provides positive locking at every working height. Mohawk Resources Ltd. www.pwmag.com/06feb20.

Dump insert/toolbox

The TC-200 combo body merges an all-aluminum dump body with a toolbox, for use in any full-size Chevy, Ford, or DaimlerChrysler truck. The kit consists of a dump insert, mounting hardware, frame, cabinets, required lights, and harness. The bolt-on installion requires only minimal modification to the truck chassis. The insert can dump up to 5000 pounds, and it can hold a level load of 2.4 cubic yards. A cab guard and mudflaps are optional. TruckCraft Corp. www.pwmag.com/06feb21.

Cab-over-engine truck

The company has added a low cab-over-engine truck to its line of Class 3-8 commercial vehicles. It comes with a 4.9-liter diesel engine, six-speed automatic transmission, and wheelbases that accommodate bodies from 12 to 20 feet. The truck is suitable for a range of applications, including landscaping, construction, and delivery. Air conditioning is standard. Choose from five different colors. Sterling Truck Corp. www.pwmag.com/06feb22.

Transparent noise barriers

Quilite barriers combine noise-cutting capability with light-transmitting aesthetics. The post/panel system consists of polycarbonate plastic modules in steel frames. The attachment process gives users flexibility in building free-standing structures or wall-height extensions. The products are lightweight, durable, graffiti-resistant, and able to blend in with existing architecture. The barriers reduce noise by 60% to 80% and cut light transmission by 80%. Quilite International. www.pwmag.com/06feb23.

14-inch chop saw

The CC14SF is a 14-inch chop saw that can cut cold-formed steel, rebar, pipe, and other metals efficiently. The unit is portable, rugged, and lightweight, at only 36.4 pounds. The fence easily can be adjusted to make miter cuts up to 45 degrees to the right or left. A back chute diverts sparks away from the user and can be angled. Safety features include a trigger switch with a lock-off button to prevent accidental starts, and an elastomer-coated D handle to absorb vibration and prevent slippage. Hitachi Power Tools. www.pwmag.com/06feb24.