Air Top 2000 ST
Air Top 2000 ST

Without the use of a Webasto fuel-operated heater, many drivers idle for long periods of time to keep their cabs warm and pre-heat truck engines. This results in large amounts of wasted fuel and unnecessary engine wear-and-tear; drivers that use this approach idle approximately 1,800 hours a year (according to Argonne National Laboratory).

Webasto Air Heaters - Air Top 2000 ST
The heater is designed to operate independently from the engine, using as little as one gallon of fuel in twenty-two hours. The Air Top 2000 ST can be easily installed in the under-bunk storage area of most sleeper cabs, and provides rapid interior heat without idling. Offering up to 7,000 BTU/h of heat output, Webasto’s air heater is CARB approved and EPA SmartWay verified. The Air Top 2000 ST operates with the user-friendly new SmarTemp Control. The control features a programmable heater start time, large backlit LCD screen and ambient temperature display.

Webasto Coolant Heaters – Thermo Top C
Cold starts can be a big concern for drivers in extreme winter conditions. An engine that won’t start can not only lead to a costly repair, but also cuts into driver productivity. The Webasto line of engine coolant heaters can help avoid these problems. The Thermo Top C coolant heater can pre-heat an engine without the need to idle, simply by heating the engine’s coolant and pumping it through – without the need to start the engine. The Thermo Top C is fuel efficient, and offers a heat output up to 17,200 BTU/h. The ThermoCall is compatible with Webasto coolant heaters, controlling on/off functions, programming heater start time up to 24 hours in advance, and setting a 7-day reminder.


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