Mobile-responsive application allows computers, tablets, and phones to access the fleet-management software through a web browser.

Collective Data, Inc., a leading provider of fleet and asset management software systems, has officially launched a new web-based version of their collectiveFleet solution. The new version brings a new level of accessibility and ease of use, while maintaining Collective Data’s core goal of being able to easily configure the software to meet different requirements among organizations.

The new web-based version is a mobile-responsive application that allows the software to be accessed through a web browser. The user interface was designed from the ground up to be easy to use on computers, tablets, and phones while being similar enough to the Windows version to make the transition to the new platform easier.

Everything required to begin using the software is installed with an easy-to-use self-installer and requires no additional database or web servers. For existing collectiveFleet 6 users, the web-based version can be installed with a simple update. Once the server and network have been configured, access to the software through a web browser will run in conjunction with previously installed windows client installs.

“Compared to the competing enterprise web-based systems, our new web version stacks up extremely high in terms of out of the box features,” said Jason. “But it stretches much further with its easy-to-deploy, configurable and modular technologies. Collective Data has focused heavily in providing the most productive fleet software tools and the addition of the web-based platform opens a new level of accessibility and ultimately productivity.”

Collective Data, Inc.

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