Two-post lift

The TP-20 lift is an above-ground, two-post model with a capacity of 20,000 pounds. It is designed to lift loaded utility trucks, fleet and passenger vehicles, and other machines. Using double-telescoping swing arms and slider, it bolts to a garage's floor and has adjustable-height overhead hydraulic lines. Its safety system includes all-position mechanical safety locks, electric and hydraulic synchronization, pressure-compensated flow control, and velocity fuse valving. Mohawk Resources Ltd.

Heavy-duty scissor lifts

HDXL 900 scissor lifts offer capacities ranging from 20,000 to 132,000 pounds, and platform lengths from 19 feet 8 inches to 54 feet 2 inches. Each lift has solid steel construction with sealed bronze and graphite pivot points for durability. Up-and-down movement of the four cylinders is synchronized with electronic position feedback servers. Other features include an overload safety valve, intelligent hydraulics, and advanced programmable logic controls. Choose from surface- and flush-mounted units. Automotive Resources Inc.

Light-duty lift

The Pro Park 9 Plus vehicle lift is a four-post lift with a capacity of up to 9000 pounds. The unit can be used to double the available parking in a fleet garage or other facility without expanding floor space—drive a vehicle onto the lift, then raise it to create sufficient space underneath to park another vehicle. The clearance under the lift in its top lock position is 80 inches. The lift has a lock ladder leveling system, steel approach ramps, single-point lock release, and a caster kit with polyurethane wheels. A jack tray and drip trays are available. Direct Lift.

In-ground lift

The CS1020WV in-ground lift has three-stage arms, allowing it to pick up either light-duty trucks or passenger vehicles. The in-ground design enables a cleaner shop appearance. The arms provide added sweep, letting the operator use the lift on a wide range of designated vehicle pick-up points. Also, the lift can raise vehicles either symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on the mechanic's needs. Total lift capacity is 10,000 pounds. Challenger Lifts.

Pickup truck lift

The company's heavy-duty model is geared toward servicing pickup trucks, including extended-cab models. It accepts wheelbases up to 168 inches. The lift elevates the bottom of the vehicles tires to 20 inches above the floor, which raises the average chassis to 30 inches off the ground. The ramps are 19 inches wide, and the unit's width and length are fully adjustable. The rear legs lock up or down. In addition, the product is portable—it can be assembled or disassembled quickly, and users can store it flat or stack it in the corner of the garage. KwikLift Inc.

Four-post lift

Three new durable four-post lifts offer capacities of 40,000 to 60,000 pounds. The units can be used to service medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and other large vehicles. Safety latches in each leg and non-skid runways make the lifts safe and easy to drive on. The front-wheel stops can be replaced with optional drive-through ramps. Other options include an internal air-line kit, turning radius gauges, power-unit cover, oil drain pans, single- and three-phase motors, and custom paint colors. In addition, alignment models with turnable cutouts for two-wheel alignment are available. Rotary Lift.