Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning entire wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100 Plus sewer cleaner features an easy-load, fast-dump debris body, Modul-Flex design system, and multi-stage blower filtration system.

Vactor 2100 Plus Single Engine, Dual Stage Fan Configuration
The fan model features a single engine design that takes advantage of the unused power available in the chassis engine. A closed loop hydrostatic drive system powers the fan vacuum. The patent-pending controls feature components designed to give the operator power only when and where they need it, all while offering a simple interface. The front operator control panel has two selector switches for the fan drive – fan on/off and fan mode (low/medium/high).

The hydrostatic drive components have been aggressively sized to maximize the life expectancy of the system. The fan drive system keeps the step-up transmission which results in a lower required hydraulic motor speed than competitive models (up to 6 times life expectancy when compared to competitive models – based on heavy use of duty cycles).

Performing at greater depths with increased debris volume and velocity, the fan vacuum system on the Vactor 2100 Plus employs a lightweight, perfectly balanced 38-inch (965 mm) diameter aluminum fan for smoother, safer airflow. A patented chrome-hardened impeller and ¼- inch (6.35 mm) spun steel housing provide longer life.

“Our hydrostatic system offers the advantage of constant torque, resulting in consistent fan performance when compared to competitors,” Schmitt said. “This results in fan performance our customers have come to expect from Vactor.”

Vactor 2100 Plus PD truck with 10 foot telescopic boom
The 10 foot telescoping boom (tube-within-tube, box beam-within-box beam) retracts a minimum of 10 feet without affecting the vertical position of the pick-up tubes while enhancing reach and productivity.

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