More than 60 companies plan to introduce new products at the NTEA's Work Truck Show 2008. The following are just a few products and accessories attendees can expect to find on the show floor.

Truck-mounted air compressor

The HP60CMH hydraulic-drive, truck-mounted air compressor delivers air at 60 cu. ft./minute at 150 psi. Designed for standard-size utility trucks, it uses the vehicle's hydraulic system, requiring 18.1 gal./ minute of hydraulic flow at 2295 psi for full-load, continuous operation. It runs light air tools as well as larger pneumatic tools (such as 50-lb. breakers). Features include built-in hydraulic cooling and an air/oil separation system that eliminates the need for an air/oil separator tank. Ingersoll Rand Co. NTEA Booth 3631.

Bleederless telescopic cylinders

The company's telescopic cylinders self-bleed air out of the system without splattering oil on the ground. Air bleeds when the dump bed goes up and down, which keeps the air out of the cylinder.

This keeps the dump bed clean and extends bed and cylinder life. Available in sizes from 4 to 9 in., they are lighter than standard cylinders with bleeder screws, and are interchangeable with other manufacturers' cylinders. Parker Hannifin – Mobile Cylinder Division. NTEA Booth 1503.

Ground protection mats

Made of ½-in.-thick polyurethane, AlturnaMats protect soft terrain from heavy trucks. Featuring a bold diamond-plate tread design for maximum traction, they prevent ruts and keep vehicles from getting stuck in the mud. They are ideal for construction, landscaping, drilling, and any application where heavy vehicles traverse soft turf. Also available are VersaMats, with a slip-resistant tread design for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. AlturnaMats. NTEA Booth 146.

Waterless sweeper

Equipped with waterless dust control, the Waterless Eagle sweeper lets operators sweep more and spend less time filling tanks. Without the need for water, sweeping in freezing conditions is possible, enabling quick pickup of winter-time sand, salt, and cinders. Plus, mud doesn't build up on components. Dry sweeping also significantly reduces road silt. The sweeper boasts a 10-ft. cleaning path. Elgin Sweeper Co., a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp. NTEA Booth 3812.

Truck latch

With the EP2 Latch, there is no visible hardware on the outside of the truck body, so the doors remain clean and elegant. The latch contains a locking tab to prevent accidental openings, four mounting holes for easy installation on the inside of the compartment, and a black e-coat finish for added protection from the elements. It is compatible with the manufacturer's keyless locking system. Eberhard Manufacturing. NTEA Booth 2531.

Diesel generator

Driven by a Kubota water-cooled engine, the Air N Arc diesel power system offers an auto-run feature that reduces idle times and fuel consumption. This package is available in two platforms. One includes 200 amps 100% duty cycle welding, 10,000 W of A/C, and 24 cfm at 175 psi of air. The other has 250 amps welding, 10,000 W of A/C, and 34 cfm at 175 psi. The machine weighs 1050 lbs. Air N Arc. NTEA Booth 3755.

Radio remote for work trucks

Ranger radio remote controls are designed specifically for work trucks. They are available with one to 12 functions for electric, hydraulic, and proportional cranes, as well as hose reel, winch, and lift gate operations. All truck-mounted receivers are “plug and play,” using the trucks' existing pendant cable connection. BASE Engineering. NTEA Booth 3834.