Manufacturer time and motion studies show the Mach 4 improves productivity more than 30% compared to similar lifts, saving more than $7,600 in annual labor costs. Unlike other wireless vehicle lifts, the unit comes with back-up communication cables that are activated with the flip of a switch. Otherwise, technicians make one trip around the lift at the beginning of a shift to turn on and configure the lift and then can operate the entire lift from any column. Each column has an 18,000-lb. rated lifting capacity, locking mechanisms every 3 in., lower-to-lock function, and is powered by two deep-cycle marine batteries that work anywhere in or outside a shop, including wash bays. Adjustable forks accommodate a wide range of wheels without bulky adapter sleeves; optional extended forks support inboard tires on dual-wheeled axles. Wireless system can be retrofitted to existing Mach 4 mobile column lifts.

Rotary Lift
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