The multi product kit contains one gallon of AquaBlue general purpose multi-metal surface cleaner, one gallon of TreadBrite Foam acidic cleaner for multi-metals including stainless steel, one gallon of CR-120N Nitric Acid cleaner for passivation of stainless steel, a two-pound container of Jel Terge powdered viscosity enhancer / gel builder, and detailed instructions.

AquaBlue multi-metal surface cleaner is an alkaline detergent which is ideally suited for removal of dirt, oil, grease, road grime, and more from a wide variety of surfaces, including stainless. It can be used as a spray, in foaming or gelling applications, as a soak, in ultrasonic tanks, and with pressure washers.

TreadBrite Foam is an acidic cleaner which while it can be used on many metal substrates was developed for cleaning and removing heat tint / weld burns from stainless steel surfaces. It can be used as a spray, soak, in foaming and gelling applications, or in ultrasonic cleaners.

CR-120N is a nitric acid cleaner which is well suited for passivating stainless steel surfaces. It can be used as a spray, soak, or combined with the powdered Jel Terge that is in the case box to form a “clingy” gel solution.

Madison Chemical.

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