The unit features Lo-Density open-coil drywell-style heaters, evenly distributed across the sides, bottom, ends and discharge doors, which dissipate up to 1 watt per square inch of heat. Operators can either heat the material at the beginning of the day, set a time clock for early morning pre-heating or keep it hot overnight for more efficient use of material. Because it heats without flame, the Patch King eliminates safety concerns from fossil-fuel-heated patching equipment.

Available in insulated 3.0, 4.0 or 8.0 cu. yd. models, the Patch King insulated patch box easily mounts into a dump truck or onto a flatbed. UL-listed controls located on the unit offer easy-to-use, complete automation of temperature regulation. A high-low heat selector switch mounted in the control panel can supply heat individually to the floor and gates or to the floor, sides, ends, and gates, providing heat for full or partial loads. The main disconnect and individually fused heat circuits provide overcurrent protection.

In addition to the standard dump model, the Patch King is available in a trailer model and a rotary auger model. On the rotary auger model, the reversible rotary conveyor is driven by a hydraulic motor and supported by heavy-duty ball bearings. A mix/anti-bridging device features separate hydraulic drive and controls. The wear parts, including auger, are easily replaceable. The reversible auger feeds patch mix to the work area to eliminate costly dump beds and hoists.

Electric heat is ideal for pothole patching applications because it offers 100% energy efficiency since all of the energy is used to heat. And since electric heat requires little maintenance, these heaters can reduce downtime even further.

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