14,050-lb. truck

The model 245 features a four-cylinder, four-cycle water-cooled engine, rated at a maximum horsepower of 175, and a top torque of 376 ft.-lbs. The vehicle offers four-speed automatic transmission and a top speed of 78 mph. It offers a tight turning radius, helpful for negotiating small or crowded sites. The all-steel, welded cab includes a number of ergonomic and comfort-enhancing features, including an adjustable reclining seat, easy-to-read instrumentation, and standard air conditioning. Options include a cold-weather package (including a heated mirror and block heater), fender-mounted mirror, and cloth seats. Hino Trucks. www.hino.com.

Low-cab-forward trucks

N-Series gas-powered trucks feature Vortec 6-L, V8 engines with a maximum of 325 hp, and a four-speed automatic transmission with lockup torque converter and overdrive. Choose from four wheelbase options that accommodate bodies from 10 to 20 ft., body/payload combinations from 6829 to 9411 lbs., and gross vehicle weights up to 14,500 lbs. The cab offers plenty of head, leg, and shoulder room, plus plenty of storage in the dashboard, driver-seat back, glove compartment, and shelves. The vehicle also can accommodate radios, GPS equipment, rear-view cameras, and other optional features. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. www.isuzucv.com.

Hybrid diesel/electric truck

The Granite MP7-365M combines the power of a turbocharged diesel engine (rated at 365 hp) with a permanent-magnet, synchronous-motor “electric machine.” The electric machine helps the engine provide torque to the wheels and regenerate energy during braking; the energy is then stored and used in place of the diesel fuel. The feature provides optimal fuel savings during trips on routes that require frequent braking and acceleration, such as refuse collection. The feature could reduce fuel consumption by as much as 35% in comparison to conventional diesel-only vehicles. Mack Trucks Inc. www.macktrucks.com.

Hybrid buses

The company has partnered with its Allison Transmission Inc. division to provide hybrid-powered buses to municipal transportation departments across the country. The vehicles are run by an advanced parallel hybrid-electric powertrain that consists of a battery pack, two electric motors, and a traditional diesel engine. The end result: up to 90% reduction in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions, up to 50% reduction in carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, and up to 75% reduction in fuel usage. The technology also leads to reduced maintenance costs and extended oil life. General Motors Corp. www.gm.com.

Utility hybrid

The model 335 hybrid utility truck incorporates a Terex TC-55 Hi-Ranger Body and is powered by a PX-6 engine, which generates up to 260 hp and 560 ft.-lbs. of torque. The vehicle works with Eaton Corp.'s hybrid electric drive system—when engaged, the hybrid system can boost the truck's power to 300 hp and torque to 860 ft.-lbs. It regenerates lithium-ion batteries to electrically operate the PTO and is ideal for municipal utility applications, including the grueling stop-and-go requirements of a refuse collection route. The system offers up to a 40% improvement in fuel efficiency when on-road fuel economy gain is combined with use of the batteries to operate the truck body. Peterbilt. www.peterbilt.com.

Workhorse hybrids

The company's DuraStar hybrid vehicles offer medium-duty performance with a high degree of fuel efficiency. The trucks offer up to 225 hp, and they feature a six-speed automated manual hybrid drive. An optional extended cab seats up to six people comfortably. Each vehicle includes the programmable Diamond Logic electrical system, safety interlocks, and self-diagnostics that alert the operator to potential problems before they happen, prevent inadvertent operating mistakes and electrical shorts, and signals when it's time for scheduled maintenance. International Truck and Engine Corp. www.internationaldelivers.com.