SK350LC excavator
SK350LC excavator

KOBELCO’s SK350 is well-equipped to provide operators with superior power and efficiency, while meeting the latest Tier IV Final emissions standards. The SK350 is set to deliver significant operational cost savings thanks to better fuel economy, greater efficiency and reduced service intervals.

KOBELCO’s robust 82,200 lb. SK350 is powered by a 270 hp. Tier IV Final HINO engine, allowing it to tackle a wide-range of heavy-duty applications with ease, while remaining highly fuel efficient. This model incorporates both Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and self-cleaning Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) systems to provide the lowest possible operation costs. This dual system minimizes Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption when compared to SCR only systems.

KOBELCO’s SK350 showcases the company’s proprietary intelligent control system, ensuring smooth engagement and disengagement across all machine functions. Heavy lift mode can be enabled when extra lift capacity is needed, while power boost gives operators 10% more power for additional digging capability with no time limit. The SK350 also comes standard with KOBELCO’s exclusive independent travel feature. This popular function allows the excavator to travel and lift simultaneously without experiencing a loss of power or speed, making it both versatile and safe to operate across a wide variety of applications. In many instances, this KOBELCO exclusive feature eliminates the need of contractors to supplement their fleet with other types of carriers.

The machine is ergonomically designed with a spacious, climate-controlled cab with plenty of leg room and operating space. Wide access doors provide ease of entry and exit, while windows on all sides offer excellent visibility, ensuring safe operation, particularly in the rear, thanks to KOBLECO’s low profile hood design. A rear view camera with an LCD monitor is installed as standard equipment for additional safety. A 7-way adjustable suspension seat, AM/FM radio, large cup holder and ample storage tray for personal belongings give operators a pleasant work environment on even the toughest of work days. Additionally, operators can look forward to ease of use in the SK350 with centralized controls, easy-to-read instrumentation and onboard self-diagnostics, including warning screens and audible alarms which alert the operator to the status of critical equipment functions.

Maintenance is easy on the SK350, and now even more cost effective. Operators can expect extended service intervals by as much as 100% or more when it comes to engine oil, hydraulic oil, filter changes and greasing. When periodic maintenance is required, the SK350 can be worked on at ground level with easy access to all key service points.

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