Truck-mounted hoists account for a healthy portion of the American truck accessory market. According to Stephen Latin-Kasper, director of market data and research for the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), an estimated $75 million to $80 million worth of truck-mounted hoists were sold in the United States last year. This projection is based on manufacturing data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the association's Annual Manufacturers Shipments Survey.

Municipal users account for a sizable share of hoist sales. The products make it possible for a work truck to be put to use in a range of applications—waste hauling, landscaping, construction, and other demanding jobs. The ability to customize, availability of a wide variety of unit sizes, and varying hauling/dumping capacities make hoists suitable for use at both large and small public works agencies.

At the NTEA's annual Work Truck Show convention and trade exhibition—scheduled this year in Atlanta from Feb. 28 to March 3—municipal users the chance to look at truck-mounted hoists, lifts, and other work-truck accessories. For more information, visit

Roll-off truck

The company offers custom-designed roll-off trucks to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. For example, it crafted a configuration, based on a Terex platform, for use in a municipal landfill. The product enables the off-road vehicle to be used as a dump truck to haul landfill cover, as a water tanker for dust control, or as a hydro seeder. The frame handles standard 22-foot outside rail containers and has a lifting capacity of 75,000 pounds. An independent hydraulic system avoids contamination and other problems. American Roll-Off.

Dual-height rotating hook

The SL-180 dual-height rotating hook enables users to pick up bodies or containers with a hook height of 36 or 54 inches. Designed for use on light- to medium-duty chassis, the product is suitable for landscapers, material haulers, and contractors. It offers a lift capacity of 18,000 pounds, and it accommodates truck bodies ranging from 14 to 18 feet long. Other features include low-pressure hydraulics, slide-through body locks, dual rear pivot, and dual lift cylinders. It can work as a mount/dismount system, or as a true dump truck with a 57-degree dump angle. A 36-inch fixed jib is available. Swaploader.

Underbody hoists

This line of underbody hoists features single- and twin-cylinder configurations, designed to fit on 60- to 108-inch cabs to trunnion trucks. The design accommodates bodies from 8 to 14 feet in length. Features include a massive unitized lift-arm weldment; precision-bored, chrome-plated cylinders; high-pressure hydraulics (rated at 2000 psi); and oversized bearings throughout for increased life. In addition, the units' rugged construction require little maintenance. Warren.

Subframe hoist

The LL-650S subframe hoist is available on truck bodies measuring 9 to 16 feet. The double-acting hoist offers a range of pump options. The high-pressure hydraulics are rated at 3300 psi. It offers a dump angle of 50 degrees. Its capacity ranges from 7 to 13 tons, based on box length. Optional features include an electric pump cabinet and a subframe extension. A scissor-hinge-back configuration also is available. Tafco Equipment Co.

Standard- and low-profile hoists

The company offers hoists with two different profiles. The standard-profile hoists mount above the chassis frame. The low-profile units feature a drophinge design that lowers the rear hoist frame pivot points to reduce the mounting height between the chassis frame and platform. Each hoist has double-action cylinders that power up and down. The high-strength tubular steel construction and carbon-steel shafting offer long operating life. Cherokee Truck Bodies.

Scissor hoists

The BullDog line of heavy-duty scissor hoists is designed for use in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other applications. Each of the products offers easy-mounting, adjustable frames with rugged construction. Models offer dumping capacities ranging from 5 to 22 tons; the 5- to 20-ton capacity hoists fit beds from 8 to 18 feet long, and the 12-to 22-ton hoists fit on beds ranging from 12 to 20 feet. A 5- to 10-ton hoist designed for trailers is available, as are electric and power takeoff kits. Dewey Ironworks LLC.

Telescopic hoists

The Olympic Series telescopic hoists offer stabilized twin-cylinder configurations. The high-capacity products are designed to handle off-center loads and non-level dumping conditions. The hoist components are made of high-strength steel, and the piston rods and cylinder stages are hard-chromed and high-polished for extended cylinder life. Six models are available, fitting truck bodies from 10 to 26 feet long. Hoists for platform or dump-body applications are available. Dumping angles range from 40 to 55 degrees, and dump capacities range from 13 tons to more than 40 tons. In addition, the hoists can be mounted in either direction for easy, quick, and flexible installation. Omaha Standard.

65,000-capacity hooklifts

The Hooklift System offers lift capacities from 3000 to 65,000 pounds, with an assortment of available body configurations. Each model in the line can load, unload, and dump with bodies ranging from 8 to 21½ feet. It permits multiple bed applications on a single chassis. The operator can load, unload, or change beds in less than a minute, without leaving the truck cab. Other features include grease-less bushings, dump/load interlock, and efficient low-flow/high-pressure hydraulics. Stellar Industries Inc.