Early radar-based driver-assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and forward-collision warning relied on multiple beams with mechanical scanning or overlapping beams. Unlike those systems, the multimode electronically scanning radar (ESR) provides wide coverage at midrange and high-resolution long-range coverage using a single radar housed in a unit that’s 7 in. long, 3.5 in. wide, and 1.9 in. deep.

Midrange scanning detects vehicles cutting in from adjacent lanes and identifies vehicles and pedestrians across the vehicle’s width. The unit scans 197 ft. ahead in a field of view of plus/minus 45 degrees. Long-range coverage of 571 ft. can identify up to 64 targets in the vehicle's path. Data is updated every 50 milliseconds.

The data’s speed and accuracy make the following safety features possible: adaptive cruise control with stop and go, forward-collision warnings, brake support, and headway alert (distance information is used to tell drivers when their vehicle violates the preset time-gap to vehicle ahead).

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