Discovery Series Hydraulic Excavators
Discovery Series Hydraulic Excavators

Discovery crossover excavator machines, are equipped with the versatile telescoping, full-tilting Gradall boom that can rotate attachments 220 degrees to handle more jobs, efficiently even under bridges and trees where mini excavators, backhoes and tractor loader backhoes can’t operate.

With a 220-degree attachment rotation and 25-foot reach, the machines are adept at grading, culvert replacement, landscaping, mowing, vegetation control as well as removal and replacement of curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

The D 152 with two-wheel-drive and the D 154 with four-wheel-drive meet specific travel and repositioning needs, operating on pavement, dirt, sand, mud or snow. On jobsites, the machines can be repositioned from the upper-structure operator cab, traveling at speeds up to 7 mph., traveling to or back from jobs the excavators can be driven at highway speeds.

With a compact, near-zero tail swing, the excavators can easily handle ditching and grading work along two-lane roads with only minimal traffic flow interruption. For full working stability, the excavators have front axle lockout cylinders and do not require outriggers, even when working at either side or to the rear of the machine. The roomy operator cab features all-electric joystick controls, heating and air conditioning and an in-cab switch that lets the operator choose the Gradall, Deere or SAE joystick pattern.

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