This Finnish company’s equipment weighs about half as much as a “traditional” skid-steer loader and does far less damage to turf, pavers, etc. Also unlike a skid-steer loader, the articulated body’s capable of tighter turns and gives operators a 360-degree view. This is why, says President Jukka Lyly-Yrjanainen, the 35 hp 640 saves $50,000 over five years. All of the company’s compact loaders accept more than 100 brand-name attachments like this Paladin snow blower and TrynEx International sand/salt spreader. Mini-skidsteer, MT, and full-size attachment mounting adapter and quick-coupler also are available to turn the loader into a mower, auger, excavator, sweeper, sprayer, material lift, plow, mulcher, and/or flail.

Question: This machine is manufactured overseas and sold through a wholly owned U.S. division in Illinois. Does a made-in-the-USA (or some other) requirement prevent your department from buying it? E-mail

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