Snow & Ice Control Products

  • KZValve Tru-Torq ball valves for deicing systems

    The multifunctional Tru-Torq plastic ball valves are available with the company’s waterproof electric actuator, or as manual ball valves.

  • Grip Studs tire studs

    Grip Studs are rugged tungsten carbide studs that deliver the traction necessary for winter equipment without the drudgery and breakage associated with chains.

  • Aebi Schmidt Stratos spreaders

    Available in various sizes and as towed, flat silo, and dual chamber, the newest generation of Stratos spreaders is compatible with most carrier vehicles and tractors.

  • BOSS DXT plow

    Available in 8-ft 2-in and 9-ft 2-in. poly, steel, and stainless-steel models, the multiposition DXT plow features a dual-trip design that protects the plow when striking hidden obstacles.

  • Bergkamp Sand Spreader attachment

    The Sand Spreader attachment helps turn the FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher into a sand spreader in less than an hour.

  • ASCOREL Plus Series on-board scales

    With ASCOREL Plus Series on-board scales, users can monitor tare histories, scale usage, loader hydraulic performance, and other factors without the need for an external device.

  • Henke v-box spreader

    Henke's new HXC2000 spreader is the only V-Box spreader on the market with a removable conveying cartridge. The replaceable cartridge also allows users to choose between an auger, dual auger, pintle chain, or belt conveyor, providing a new level of versatility to snow and ice management.

  • SnowEx Precision Pro spreader

    The SP-1675 Precision Pro spreader accurately spreads any bulk or bagged ice melting material from 4 to 12 feet wide. It is designed to accommodate varying sidewalk widths which cannot be easily treated with drop spreaders.

  • Winter maintenance mapping

    GPS DataSmart reporting system analyzes data collected by sensors and controls on snow removal vehicles and spreaders.

  • Tire chains for ambulance chassis

    This new automatic tire chain kit is compatible with Liquid Spring suspension for the Ford F-450 ambulance chassis.

  • Nordic Auto Plow + ‘Snap-together’ snow plow

    This plow is made of ABS injection-molded plastic that’s reinforced with metal. Both edges are rounded to glide over (rather than gouge) uneven surfaces like pavers and curbs and so you can flip the attachment upside down to use the other edge when the first one wears out.

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    ClearSpan + Hercules fabric storage structures

    The company engineers, manufactures, installs, and offers finance assistance on custom fabric-covered truss-arch buildings for construction sites, storage, and other applications.

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    Calhoun + CC Series fabric buildings

    The CC (compression coupler) series of fabric-covered structures combines a coupler and gusset for long transfer of pressure over the connecting cords.

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    Wheeler + Salt storage structures

    The company works with agencies to design and construct buildings for storing sand and salt.

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    Western Products + Prodigy winged plow blade

    The Prodigy snowplow has a mechanical design that automatically positions its wings to maximize plowing efficiency.

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    Snow Dragon + SND900 snow melter

    The SND900 melts 30 tons of snow (100 cu yds to 300 cu yds) per hour.

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    Muncie Power + MESP 300 electronic spreader control

    The MESP 300 electronic spreader package offers easy operation at an entry-level price. It removes the hydraulics from within the cab, making it less noisy and safer than other products.

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    Hi-Way + Xzalt Snow-fighting applicator

    The Xzalt applicator delivers a 70:30 ratio of dry and liquid material, helping snow-fighting crews reduce salt usage while speeding up ice melt.

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    Flink + FXP expandable plow blade

    The FXP expandable plow can be stretched to 11 ft, 14 ft, and 17 ft from the operator’s cab.

  • Britespan + Easy Access temporary structures

    The Easy Access building series enables users to access the structure from the side. The 15-ft-high side entrance facilitates equipment and materials storage, and it enables users to orient the structure for convenient traffic flow.


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