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  • Pressure washers

    Pressure washers use motorized pumps to force water at high speed through a hose. The pressurized water often eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, degreasers, or detergents.

  • Power company chooses natural fleet products

    Products' use helps minimize the risk of petroleum contamination to the environment and the public.

  • FuelQuests Fuel Center monitors its clients inventories.

    Managing fuel costs

    Here are some strategies for managing costly price swings of fuel.

  • Integrated GIS/GPS vehicle tracking system speeds dispatch

    Oregon's Eugene Water & Electric Board is doing the same amount of work with 16 fewer vehicles.

  • Car-sharing saves city $100,000 a year.

    Fleet managers are stretching their dollars by starting motor pools, in which a certain number of vehicles is made available for employees to reserve as needed.

  • RFID tags at critical inspection zones have encoded information thats read by a hand-held scanner and tells the driver which nearby components (up to 11) to inspect. The driver indicates the status of each item by following a series of prompts that offer various options; i.e., Is the problem critical or non-critical? Drivable or non-drivable? A telematics device installed in the vehicle automatically transmits the results when the driver returns the scanner to its charging cradle on the dashboard or floorboard. In addition to inspection data, the telematics device also delivers to the shops maintenance software real-time GPS information, operating metrics, and fault codes provided through the engine control unit (ECU).

    Integrating asset management systems for greater efficiency

    Automates remote diagnostics to work order process cuts fuel consumption 25%.

  • Five ways to improve fuel economy

    How to increase a vehicle’s miles-per-gallon ratio.

  • Making software worth the investment

    In-house asset-management solutions aren't necessarily more cost-effective than commercial programs.

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    Remote control

    As prices drop, real-time tracking and dispatching systems are no longer an option reserved for police, fire, and emergency services.

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    Staying up-to-date costly—but doable

    Instead of using manual, mechanical testing methods, today's cars, trucks, and heavy equipment require computerized troubleshooting, which is often expensive. However, Jake Stucky of Missoula, Montana, has found some cost-saving solutions.

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    To lease or not to lease

    PUBLIC WORKS elucidates ample reasons to forego the option of leasing.

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    Fleet software saves time, money

    If you want to avoid having horror stories to tell, said Sam Lamerato, do your homework thoroughly when choosing your fleet management software. It's a must to visit another government agency to see your prospective software in action, said Lamerato, former chairman of the Fleet Services Committee...

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    Keeping your equipment shop updated

    Darryl Syler, fleet operations manager for Little Rock, Ark., and 38 technicians operate four shops in which they maintain some 1200 vehicles and machines for the city. “Our biggest challenge is to stay up-to-date with the ability to diagnose and repair our fleet and equipment,” he said.


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