Air Pollution

  • Clinton to Give Cities a Green Boost

    The Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program a Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) project seeks to help cities around the world improve eco-friendliness by reducing energy use.

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    Oily Decisions

    For the first time in memory, two grades of oil for diesel engines are on the market. Should you purchase the older CI-4 Plus, the newer CJ-4 for engines with 2007 emissions controls, or stock both?

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    Inspiration for the Program

    Congressman tells how Safe Routes to School leads to healthier children.

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    Fuel For Thought

    Beginning June 15, all on-road engines must use S15 diesel. Here's how this requirement will affect budgets, maintenance intervals, and performance.

  • Rules'n dregs

    The EPA weighs in on drinking water, sewage sludge, and clean beaches.

  • Forecast 2007: public grounds

    As it did last year, “green space” is becoming increasingly important as we lose more of it to development. Today's policy makers are more aware of how urban forests cool cities, lower energy consumption, and reduce greenhouse gases.

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    Is there a chemist in the house?

    When you visit a water plant, what image are you left with? Depending on your experience, you may envision a building pulsating with the noise of pumps and motors; a vast array of tanks filled with water; or a large room of pipes and computer screens with red, green, or yellow lights. When I enter...

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    EPA ‘Climate Leaders’ program expands

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    Portland named America's cleanest city

    According to a recent survey, residents of Portland, Ore., live in the cleanest city in the United States.

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    Wild ideas

    When the highway bill (SAFETEA-LU) finally passed last summer, some believed—perhaps naively—the federal government was at last providing sufficient funding for America's highways. That, unfortunately, was not the case. The American Road and Transportation Builders Association's analysis states...

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    Academy recognizes excellence in environmental engineering

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    Building a dual-purpose water system

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    Menachem Elimelech

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    Project converts grease to energy


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