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  • Fun with heavy equipment

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    Smooth Ride

  • Going Once, Going Twice...

    Get the best price on used assest with online auctions.

  • Rule the Fuel

    Automated management enhances fleet efficiency and sustainability.

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    Best in Class

    Truck manufacturers' newest wares come of age.

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    Making the Grade

    When summer heads into fall, Gilliam County activities are fairly typical of Oregon's rural communities: Wheat farmers prepare for harvest, fly fishers ready for spawning season, and the county's road crew works its one-of-a-kind “gravel reclaimer.”

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    Power to the Pickup

    To this writer's eyes, the biggest news to come out of this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit was that two major light-duty truck manufacturers introduced new models.

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    Buyer beware

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    Pick and place

    Like all equipment, selecting the combination of truck body and tool that will best serve a community's population and density is key to getting the most out of a grapple truck.

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    Give Blind Spots a Brake

    Anyone who has tried to back up a truck using only the side mirrors knows visibility can be an issue. Evolving automotive safety technologies have produced safety features ranging from seatbelts to improved tire traction. Now, a new development uses established technologies prevent accidents while...

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    Lock in the right lift

    A vehicle lift is the express lane to faster fleet repair, but don't take our word for it: Studies show a lift can save a facility more than $100,000 per year in labor costs.

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    Fuel costs dropping, relief in sight

    If one industry expert is on the mark, the fuel costs that have been battering fleet budgets will drop, providing some much-needed relief in the coming months.

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    Fleet managers rev up for equipment-rich trade show

    The annual Work Truck Show—in Indianapolis March 7–9, at the Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome—has always been well attended by commercial distributors and users of Class 1–8 trucks.

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    2007 Forecast: Fleets

    Even though truck sales in general are declining, sales to state and local governments will remain even with last year. Municipal fleets won't feel the money crunch or tightening emissions crunch until late 2007 or 2008—and later.

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    To lease or not to lease

    PUBLIC WORKS elucidates ample reasons to forego the option of leasing.

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    APWA Expo Preview: fleets and trucks

    A preview of APWA events related to fleets and trucks.

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    Optimize your preventive maintenance

    A solid preventive maintenance program can help public works fleet managers keep vehicle repair costs and down-time to a minimum, but an inefficient, poorly designed program can cost time and money.

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    Building the budgeting process

    As in many cities, Houston's equipment replacement process is far from ideal. The city has an equipment acquisition fund of $22 million for fiscal year 2006, but funding levels go up and down yearly, according to the availability of money. So monies available don't always match up with needs.

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    Going the extra mile

    In the past decade, Utah has enjoyed economic success and expansion as the population has increased 30%. At the same time, lane miles on the state's highways have increased at an even faster rate than the population. Transportation indicators predict an increased expansion in lane miles, and the...

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    The budget face-off

    It's a plight shared by many. Fuel costs have shot up, but tax revenues are the same or down. You're asked to “hold the line” on costs.


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