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  • Utilizing your equipment

    Equipment utilization is the last thing that should bog down operations. That’s where custom solutions come into play.

  • Pressure washers

    Pressure washers use motorized pumps to force water at high speed through a hose. The pressurized water often eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, degreasers, or detergents.

  • Monitoring road clearing effectiveness

    DOTs across North America want to copy Idaho's award-winning system for measuring how changes to snow and ice control plans affect safety and mobility.

  • Ice and snow consultants: Snow angels to the rescue

    Helping public works departments streamline snow and ice control will keep consultants Diana Clonch and Diane Watkins in snow boots for years.

  • Ice and snow consultants

    Two public works professionals crash through the glass ceiling as they give advice on ice and snow removal to public works departments.


    Swagelining's versatility

    Colorado water utility managers assess the versatility of a pipe-lining method called Swagelining.

  • A TT Technologies Grundoburst 1250 CP static machine pulled HDPE liner pipe into 24-inch and 27-inch host pipes.

    Swagelining: a very specific tool for a very specific job

    Colorado water utility managers assess the versatility of a pipe-lining method called Swagelining.

  • North Richland Hills, Texas, police cars line up outside Fleet Services for routine maintenance. This SUV's emergency bar has a Pulse Tech Products ERV 6-watt solar-powered battery charge maintainer.

    Maintenance extends battery life for fleets

    Six-step maintenance process extends 12V lead-acid battery life up to five times.

  • Fleet vendors renews GSA contract

    The U.S. General Services Administration has renewed an automatic tire chain systems manufacturer’s contract for five years.

  • Fleet cost management

    Rightsizing should be a part of every replacement cycle’s evaluation process.

  • City reports 30% road salt use reduction

    Lowell, the fourth-largest city in Massachusetts attributes the historic salt savings to Cirus SpreadSmart Rx spreader controls installed on its snowplow trucks—and anticipates more savings this winter.

  • Fleet incentive extended through March 2015

    Earn $2,000 for a new propane-powered mower and $1,000 toward a conversion through this Propane Education & Research Council program. Cities and counties have taken advantage of this double incentive.

  • Public fleet-certification program tweaked

    The American Public Works Association is allowing experience working with private fleets to count toward certification.

  • This Vehicle is Designed for Disaster Relief

    Navistar, Inc. has partnered with Terranova GTS, LLC to showcase an International DuraStar Multi-Purpose Vehicle — a truck designed to aid in disaster relief efforts with a unique vehicle mounted water purification treatment system.

  • Where to find current parking, striping, signage regs

    QUESTION: A supervisor recently asked me for information on striping and signage of parking lots for ADA compliance, and I found “ADA Business Brief: Restriping Parking Lots” on the Department of Justice website. However, the document is dated January 2002. Is this information still accurate?

  • Avoid trenching troubles

    How to keep your equipment and crews safe during trenching operations.

  • 4 Solid Waste Innovations

    As the volume of municipal solid waste grows, engineers and officials are looking increasingly toward smarter management. Here are four smart municipal solid waste management innovations.

  • Surface smearing, peeling, and skidding are forms of adhesive wear that occurs when operating with insufficient oil film thickness.

    Bearings fail for many reasons

    Most bearing failures are related to lubrication and contamination. Here are some myths and misconceptions.

  • Natural Gas Truck from Kenworth

    Kenworth Truck Co. is adding a natural gas option for the Kenworth T880, the company’s flagship vocational truck.

  • APWA Top 10 Leader Carl Weber talks technology

    American Public Works Association's 2014 Top 10 Leaders share their favorite on-the-job technologies: Carl Weber, Janesville, Wis.


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