Fleet Management

  • Fuel-efficient braking

    Lightning Hybrids' Energy Recovery System uses hydraulic pumps and lightweight accumulator to store braking energy

  • 2016 Work Truck Show

    The Work Truck Show takes place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, March 1-4.

  • Mohawk two-post lift

    Designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S., the LC-12’s 12,000-pound lifting capacity handles light- and medium-duty vehicles.

  • Automatic tire chains

    The OnSpot Automatic Tire Chain System gives drivers traction, whether they’re driving forward or backing up, without having to leave the cab.

  • ARE Accessories truck cap

    The HD Series truck cap brings a heavy-duty, functional design to all current truck models.

  • Inverter-charger

    Designed to perform at temperatures down to -4 degrees F, the Freedom HFS inverter/charger from Xantrex provides true sine wave AC power for appliances and tools.

  • TruckCraft truck bed storage

    The aluminum TC-600 Space-Pak provides 62 cu ft of storage in a convenient behind-the-cab location.

  • Electric winches by Buyers Products

    A 4.9-hp motor powers the 12-volt winch; three-stage, planetary gear box provides quick, efficient line speed.

  • Cargo bed lockers from CargoEase

    Available in 9- and 12-inch widths, each drawer provides 600-pound capacity and brings the contents to the user with 80% extension glides.

  • 14 sustainable maintenance ideas

    Step by step, two divisions of the Orange County (Fla.) Public Works Department have found these unique ways to lower air and water pollution.

  • Digitizing the Urban Landscape

    Use technology to make hard decisions about where infrastructure investment will garner the greatest return.

  • Pavement protection

    Three components that will make or break your crew’s sealcoating productivity.

  • Utilizing your equipment

    Equipment utilization is the last thing that should bog down operations. That’s where custom solutions come into play.

  • Streamlining performance measurement and progress

    A free water and wastewater operations benchmarking tool gets even better.

  • Pressure washers

    Pressure washers use motorized pumps to force water at high speed through a hose. The pressurized water often eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, degreasers, or detergents.

  • Street sweeping saves money

    You can clean streets and waterways by building new infrastructure or sweeping with the right machine at the right time. Here is how to decide which stormwater compliance option is cheaper for your municipality.

  • Street sweeping saves money: A design for every season

    Elgin Sweeper Co. in Elgin, Ill., holds the greatest market share in the U.S. These illustrations show how the three basic sweeping designs — mechanical broom, regenerative air, and vacuum pickup — work.

  • Outsourcing vehicle parts acquisition

    If your mechanics don't have the right part at the right time, you're wasting money. It may be time to explore an alternative.

  • Outsourcing vehicle parts acquisition: 7 contract questions

    If your mechanics don't have the right part at the right time, you're wasting money. It may be time to explore an alternative.

  • Seattle Public Utilities rolls out specs for mapping and archiving

    Against many odds, Real-time Asset Mapping positively impacts operations.


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