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  • American Water Works Association Conference Exhibitors June 2008

    American Water Works Association Conference Exhibitors

  • Epoxy to the Rescue

    Select your coatings carefully to reduce corrosion

  • Go Digital

    Electronically capture your operations to boost training.

  • Negating Nutrients: Smart Selection

    Choose the right technology for your city—with the help of experts.

  • Plant it on the Roof

    Many city officials, planners, and environmentalists around the world view green roofs as an attractive way to reduce the problems associated with stormwater runoff.

  • Reduce Private Property I/I

    Private property infiltration and inflow (I/I) problems have increased and will continue to increase until municipalities develop structured programs that identify the problem, define the needed rehabilitation, and oversee the repair.

  • Spare the Concrete

    Also referred to as microbiologically induced corrosion, biogenic sulfide corrosion is a big concern to engineers and practitioners because it contributes to the considerable cost of renovation of deteriorated sewer networks.

  • Keep Operators Sharp

    A proactive and relatively inexpensive program can help protect your valuable institutional understanding, better prepare your next generation of staff, and continuously fine-tune your system operator training program.

  • Forecast 2007: Water

    When it comes to the nation's potable-water supply, critical issues remain the same as last year, though some items—like U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations—shift slightly as scientists obtain more information about the effects of various compounds and impurities on public health.

  • Forecast 2007: wastewater/stormwater