More stories about Stormwater Collection & Treatment

  • Training and preperation for new stormwater regualtions

    The American Public Works Association is offering a course on the new stormwater regualtions at the Public Works Congress & Exposition.

  • Five resource/ cost-recovery trends

    For communities that already have stormwater utilities, the next challenge is ensuring customers pay their fair share.

  • Capturing dissolved phosphorus with iron-enhanced sand filtration

    An adsorption process developed at the University of Minnesota slashes levels by almost 100%.

  • Double-Duty Design

  • Trading Away Pollution

  • Walking the Tightrope

    How to cope with discharge requirements that apply lake-specific criteria to streams and rivers.

  • Bacteria in the Bayous

    In urban waterways, bacteria can come from many sources: storm-water runoff, illicit discharges, wildlife, leaking septic systems, sanitary sewer overflows, stream sediments, wastewater effluent, topsoil, and leaking sanitary sewer systems. Some contribute pollutants during dry weather and some...

  • Pipe-within-a-pipe

    Avon Lake Municipal Utilities in Ohio found a way to save $1 million on one portion of its $20 million sewer-separation project, which the EPA approved in 2004 and is expected to be fully completed in 2020.

  • Flying high

    Imagine you're adding a runway at a busy international airport. Then, imagine doing it while saddled with the most stringent environmental impact mitigation permits issued in state history. You would be managing the third-runway project at Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport in...

  • PW Solutions July 2007

    Featuring Stormwater products and lighting equipment