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  • Lightweight self-priming pump

    Self-priming pump operates with one or two manual handles, electric drive motors, or power take-off.

  • Wireless traffic monitoring

    Mikros EIC (Eltec Intelligent Controller) DC traffic controller’s conflict monitor continuously checks system communication, signal voltage, signal load current, and battery voltage for solar-powered hybrid beacon and traffic systems.

  • Reconfigurable ride-on mower

    Brush cutter’s shaft-driven cutter head means there’s no belt or pulley maintenance to contend with and the swing-away deck cover is easy to clean.

  • Polymer-modified asphalt

    The easy-to-apply material requires no mixing or tack coat, and works in water and under all weather conditions.

  • Turn compacted ice or earth to rubble

    the Ultramech Arctic Shark S Series fractures ice on roadways for more efficient removal and reduced usage of de-icing chemicals.

  • Spray protects steel and concrete from corrosion

    Super Shield provides an extra layer of defense against moisture in caustic environments.

  • Automated pavement-assessment program

    Features include integrated mapping and query capabilities; analysis tools for creating charts, tables, and graphs.

  • Bright, efficient LED lighting

    Even illumination and 360-degree light dispersion help HyLite LED Omni-Cob bulbs enhance security by eliminating shadows, glare, and hot spots.

  • Mechanical street sweeper

    The ES351 Easy Sweep Mechanical Sweeper’s Freightliner M2 chassis marks the company’s entry into the four-wheel chassis-mounted sweeper class.

  • Integrated asset location, reporting system

    InfraMarker‘s three-step process pinpoints and identifies pipelines and other buried assets.