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  • Easily configurable oxygen diffuser

    The FlexAir MiniPanel’s top-half-only panel perforation provides 760 sq in. of perforated area per assembly.

  • Capital planning for drinking water system

    Plan, design, operate, secure, and sustain water treatment and distribution assets with modeling software that integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS.

  • System upgrade optimizes ATP measuring

    LumiCalc v.1.0.3 features a more condensed data entry portal, enhanced configurability and sample-points customization.

  • Dynamic imaging particle analysis

    High-resolution image quality and automated statistical pattern recognition come together in the FlowCam Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis System.

  • BMS booster module

    Outfit your high-flow and pressure industrial and wastewater applications with the BMS booster module.

  • Clog-free basin mixing

    VGridBee AP air-powered mixers don’t have an impeller to clog; instead, stringy material and rags flow through the self-cleaning machine.

  • Digital sensors for process control systems

    SmartSens digital sensors help reduce the risk of failures in process control systems.

  • Restores eroded stormwater runoff channels

    Connect high-density polyethylene (HDPE) MegaDitch liners to eliminate erosion and regulate stormwater flow in earthen, rip rap, and concrete-lined ditches.

  • Accurate flow measuring

    The HVT-FV Halmi Fabricated Venturi measures full pipe flow of clean or solids-bearing liquids over temperatures from -400° F to 1,250° F.

  • Cost-effective flow rate transmitter

    P420 Series flowmeters communicate flow rates of 12 to 200 gpm of low-viscosity liquids, including those that may contain particles, compatible with PVC and CPVC without moving parts that can stick.