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  • Rick Merson: Director of public works Town of Needham, Mass.

    Needham, Mass., is redesigning the town business district to make it more pedestrian-friendly and safe. The roads will be narrowed to accommodate crosswalks and sidewalks and the town itself will be beautified. Ironically, when Rick Merson started 35 years ago, the town was expanding the roads to...

  • Building legacies

    It takes determination, originality, and professionalism to be a true leader. It also takes patience and humility. The American Public Works Association (APWA) acknowledges these qualities with its annual Top Ten Public Works Leaders program. This year's leaders measure up.

  • Engineering students win design competition

    A team of engineering students from Iowa State University won the 2004-2005 Metcalf & Eddy (M&E) Academic Design Competition. The students presented the winning solution to M&E's environmental design challenge, which was to develop a biological treatment process for cost-effectively achieving...

  • Industry leader garners award