More stories about Pavement Construction & Maintenance

  • Patching Potholes with Data

    GIS has proven to be a versatile tool for integrating the information technology and data investments within organizations. Combing these historic data with current information on pavement conditions provides a data foundation for integrating a pavement management system (PMS) application into a...

  • Track Down Potholes

    Many municipal public works agencies know the benefits of having an automated vehicle location (AVL) system to monitor employee performance, improve operational efficiency, and increase public communication efforts. But another little-known benefit is being able to map the discrete locations of...

  • On a Roll

    Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is just what it sounds like. This stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture can be placed with asphalt-type paving equipment and then compacted with rollers.

  • Recycle the road

    Now that energy prices are rising, with infrastructure budgets not yet adjusted to keep up with the increases, it is time look for ways to amplify our reuse of asphalt pavements where possible.

  • 2007 Forecast: supply costs

    Expect the price of construction materials to rise by 6% to 8%, says Ken Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Arlington, Va.

  • Trail Mix

    Robert Amme's goal is to turn the nation's tire stockpiles into inexpensive paving materials.

  • Utility microsurgery

    Those who embrace the innovation of small-hole or keyhole technology are achieving benefits and cost-savings for themselves, their stakeholders, and the municipalities where they operate.

  • Porous pavements move stormwater efficiently

    Porous asphalt pavements with stone recharge beds are rapidly gaining popularity as major components of a storm-water management system. These pavement/stormwater systems are designed to reduce peak and total volume of runoff and also are effective in removing total suspended solids.

  • Is soil-cement right for you?

    Stabilized pavement bases, such as soil-cement and cement-treated base, have provided economical, long-lasting pavement foundations for more than 70 years.

  • Repair or replacement

    The key is understanding the asphalt life cycle and how roadways deteriorate. Combine this understanding with an effective pavement life-cycle management (PLCM) approach and roadway managers can save thousands, if not millions, in roadway repair or replacement costs.