More stories about Pavement Construction & Maintenance

  • Going Underground

    Keyhole coring and reinstatement offers a less intrusive repair method.

  • The Age of Aquarius, Part Deux

  • Hello, Green Brick Road

    Chicago isn't the only “green” city in the Midwest (see “The trickle-down effect,” May 2007, page 36). In Warrenville, located 30 miles west of the Windy City, a plan to improve water quality has resulted in a new way of reconstructing the city's streets.

  • Street art

    The stuff hidden underneath the manhole covers of the world ranges from unremarkable to downright disgusting. But just because they're hiding unspeakable stuff doesn't mean that the covers themselves have to be ugly.

  • Paving Technology February 2008

    The latest equipment designed to meet your paving needs.

  • Motorists Make Concrete Impression

    An attorney from the Milwaukee suburb of River Hills, Wis., was exiting northbound I-43 when he found himself stuck. It wasn't bumper-to-bumper traffic that held him in one place—it was the pavement itself.

  • Blacktop Goes Green

    The Missouri DOT continues down the innovation highway by testing earth-friendly pavement markings.

  • Just 'Plane' Worn Out

    Why do flails wear unevenly?

  • Mixing it up

    Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) can be produced in any type of equipment that will provide uniform mixing of the cement, aggregates, and water

  • Flail Selection, Plane and Simple

    First introduced nearly 35 years ago, small surface planers (scarifiers) have seen their acceptance and use on municipal maintenance projects grow significantly.