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  • Turn waste into ‘black gold’

    Compost's benefits to soils are physical, chemical, and biological. Physical benefits include improved soil structure and improved moisture management (both higher moisture capacity and higher infiltration).

  • City park design

    The Studio City Greenway at Studio City, Calif., was designed in March 2002 by NUVIS Landscape Architecture and Planning of Orange County, Calif. It is one of many parks being created along the Los Angeles River Basin as part of the basin's revitalization master plan.

  • Making urban forestry thrive

    Given the financial impacts, safety concerns are typically the strongest selling point for an urban forestry program. But there are other reasons.

  • A passion for parks

    An interview with Connie Edmonston, parks and recreation director for Fayetteville, Ark.

  • Fake grass, real controversy

    In December, Ed Ehlen covered his 11,000-square-foot yard with artificial turf. The Marco Island, Fla., resident stated that the green covering is more aesthetically pleasing than grass, promotes water conservation, and doesn't require harmful pesticides or fertilizers to maintain its appeal.