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  • What lies beneath

  • Sewer Spelunkers

    A New Jersey maintenance team saves taxpayers $80,000 a year by bringing inspection in-house

  • The Pipe connection

    The city of Lincoln, Neb., is fast outgrowing its 880 miles of sanitary sewers. To remedy this situation, the Lincoln Wastewater System (LWWS) is upgrading its wastewater collection system. That's a lot of pipe.

  • Two for one

    A dual-purpose gravity sewer can take the pressure in a growing city.

  • Sewer cleaning & maintenance October 2007

  • Plastic Pipe Prevails: Study

    According to independent researchers, corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe may have more staying power than previously believed.

  • Pipeline Peril: Surge and Water Hammer

    Surge and water hammer can lead to short- and long-term damage to piped systems by causing conditions such as vibration, rupture, leaks, and displacement. As a result, pipelines may collapse, become contaminated, or fail prematurely.

  • Award-winning water main a blast from the past

    Reconstruction of a Toledo water main brought the structure into the 21st century—but engineers used a 20th century relic to make it possible.

  • Pipe vs. pipe

    Picking the perfect pipe can be perplexing. Here, we share with you a range of resources to help you determine the best material, size, and accessories for the job.

  • Scrutinizing your sewer

    Sewer utilities can improve performance and reverse the aging process by implementing buried infrastructure management (BIM), a systematic planning process that allows them to leverage resources to maximize the immediate and long-term benefits of every action.