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  • APWA Expo preview: roads, bridges, and traffic

    A preview of APWA events related to roads, bridges and traffic.

  • High prices hinder construction

    With no end in sight to rising oil prices and the increasing global demand for cement, transportation projects continue to experience significant delays.

  • Good communication improves safety

    Thanks to a newly constructed sidewalk in Algonquin Township, Ill., pedestrians along U.S. Route 14 between the villages of Cary and Fox River Grove will have a safer passageway.

  • From peat to pavement

    Not long ago, farmers who hauled their crops to market built new roads using nearby materials. So it was with a road now called County Trunk Highway (CTH) S in northwestern Racine County, Wis. The north-south highway connects the village of Wind Lake with CTH K to the south, a distance of about 3...

  • Full-service drainage solution

  • Safety at a crossroads

    A lot of action occurs at an intersection. Cars and trucks speed in from all directions, stopping, turning, changing lanes. Introducing other variables—such as poor visibility, bad weather, inadequate signage, and human error—to these hubs of activity leads to a recipe for disaster.

  • Tough road calls for tough repair

    For the Cook County Highway Department, finding a durable, cost-effective solution for heavily traveled bus stops along Chicago's Western Avenue required creative thinking. Like other stops, these are constantly subjected to pushing, shoving, and rutting from the stress created by the starting and...

  • Increasing work-zone safety

    Water-filled longitudinal channelizing barricades provide clear visual guidance to vehicles and pedestrians approaching and traversing sudden, unusual, or unexpected traffic patterns around temporary work zones. In many instances, these barriers avoid the need to place concrete jersey barriers...

  • Interstate's Golden anniversary to be celebrated

    The Rhode Island DOT will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Interstate on June 29, 2006. This milestone will recognize the impact the Dwight David Eisenhower Interstate and Defense Highway System has had on the transportation system.

  • Partnership benefits pedestrians