More stories about Construction & Maintenance

  • Increasing work-zone safety

    Water-filled longitudinal channelizing barricades provide clear visual guidance to vehicles and pedestrians approaching and traversing sudden, unusual, or unexpected traffic patterns around temporary work zones. In many instances, these barriers avoid the need to place concrete jersey barriers...

  • Interstate's Golden anniversary to be celebrated

    The Rhode Island DOT will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Interstate on June 29, 2006. This milestone will recognize the impact the Dwight David Eisenhower Interstate and Defense Highway System has had on the transportation system.

  • Partnership benefits pedestrians

  • The sound of traffic

    Highway design was never easy. Increasing scrutiny and critical public opinion only have added to the challenges facing transportation engineers. With each project, there always seems to be someone upset with the proposed location, the number of lanes, and the type of pavement.

  • Roundabout success yields plans for more

    Based on the success of the Muirfield Drive/Brand Road roundabout in Dublin, Ohio, plans are underway to build three more of the innovative intersections. Since the opening of the roundabout nearly a year ago, only two traffic accidents have been reported—a significant decrease compared to the...