More stories about Concrete Paving & Repair

  • Dual-purpose epoxy

    The overlay, a patented combination of epoxy and aggregate rock, provides a complete pavement seal to protect infrastructure and provide year-round traction in all weather conditions.

  • Forming a better plan

    When the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services needed to pour a 4,000-foot bike path that connects an existing path in Burbank, Calif., to the North Hollywood arts district, it abandoned traditional wood forms in favor of reusable metal forms and a truss screed that simplified finishing. In...

  • Restoration transformation

    PUBLIC WORKS takes a close look at Iowa City's concrete pavement restoration (CPR) efforts, a finds them to be lasting and effective.

  • Concrete repairs: Fast and long-lasting

    Repair and maintenance often play a role in the pavement selection process.

  • Paving with roller compacted concrete

    This is the finest product for city streets to come along in years,” said Marty Savko of Nickolas Savko & Sons, Columbus, Ohio.