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  • Ritron DoorCom

    The DoorCom wireless intercom installs easily at any entry point so visitors can announce their arrival.

  • Maxlite UL-Certified LED Lamps

    UL-certified LED lamps are available in three styles: the 17 W Eclipse Lamp, the 17 W Pancake Lamp, and the 14 W Security Light.

  • MaxLite LED area lights

    These LED area lights are available in 70-,100-, and 140 W models.

  • Kee Safety Easi-Dec Solar Platform

    The Easi-Dec Solar Platform lifts solar panels to the rooftops of single- and two-story buildings while providing a fully guarded workstation.

  • Johnston Controls free water audit

    The company offers free AWWA water audits to help municipalities learn where and how losses are occurring (i.e., leaks, inaccurate meters, processes, human error), and how much they are costing their

  • Enersys Genesis NP9-12

    The Genesis NP9-12 battery measures 5.94 in. long, 2.56 in. wide, and 4.02 in. high. It provides greater power for applications that require increased amp hours and watts per cell.

  • Graphic Products DuraLabel

    Use DuraLabel Custom Label Service to create your own multicolor labels and signs with logos, special graphics, and symbols.

  • Boral Roofing Class 4 Hail Rated Storm Series

    The Class 4 Hail Rated Storm Series concrete roof tiles can withstand 2-in. ice ball impacts at up to 104 ft./second.

  • Bird-B-Gone Repeller 360°

    The Repeller 360° rotates in the wind to deter large birds from landing on rooftops, docks, signs, and more.

  • Atlas Roofing Corp. ACFoam-HS CoverBoard

    The high-strength, insulated ACFoam-HS CoverBoard for low-slope roofs resists foot traffic and heavy loads during installation.