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  • From APWA: Build the Facility that's Right for Your Operation

    Over the past decade, three Chicago suburbs—Algonquin, Elmhurst, and Arlington Heights—consolidated their multiple-building, patched-together compounds into sleek, modern buildings that increase productivity.

  • EPA stormwater project goes green

    The Ariel Rios South Courtyard project in Washington, D.C. showcases numerous green infrastructure techniques and low-impact development practices.

  • Clinton to Give Cities a Green Boost

    The Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program a Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) project seeks to help cities around the world improve eco-friendliness by reducing energy use.

  • Design so others are green with envy

    Builders and renovators now have two options to ensure facilities are environmentally friendly.

  • APWA Expo Preview: building and facilities management

    A preview of APWA events related to building and facilities management.

  • Bringing on new plant

    Ask anyone who's created a new water treatment plant or revamped an existing one, and you'll likely hear about the complexities. What the Earth Tech team has learned about designing in quality for this new operation may help your city succeed.

  • Cost-cutting maintenance measures

    By industry association figures, it costs $10,000 to $12,000 per space to build a new multi-level garage. Even more staggering is the estimated annual cost of $650 per space to simply operate the structure, including lighting, cleaning, employees, elevators, and gate equipment.

  • Steel reinforcement increases security of buildings

    Washington, D.C., is home to a large number of high-profile government offices, landmarks, and other buildings. These vulnerable structures require protection from the potential effects of terrorist attacks, so that the U.S. government and the people working for it can continue their important work...

  • Policing stormwater runoff

    For the city of San Diego to clear the way for a new library downtown, the obsolete Police Vehicle Maintenance Facility had to be relocated. Land was available adjacent to the San Diego Police Pistol Range, but accommodating the maintenance facility required relocating the K-9/SWAT facility and...

  • Air quality detected at the speed of light

    Mike Casanova of the Lee County Facilities Management Group in Ft. Myers, Fla., responds to about 60 air quality complaints each year. Each usually requires a one-week inspection to pinpoint the problem; some then call for complex investigations and could take several months to fix. Casanova's...