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  • Build it right

    The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) offers a report that lays out the types of construction materials used in the successful building and rehabilitating of bridges, as required by SAFETEA-LU.

  • Fostering future engineers

    The U.S. EPA has awarded $420,000 in grants to 42 student teams to research and develop sustainable environmental solutions.

  • Missouri launches safe bridges plan

    The Missouri DOT (MoDOT) has launched an ambitious bridge rehabilitation plan to repair and replace hundreds of troubled structures by 2012.

  • Bridge from hell goes boom

    Daniel Ruefly won an essay contest and got to be the person who flipped the switch and detonate a hated Washington, DC bridge.

  • NDSU wins—again

    For the fourth time in the competition's 15-year history, a team of North Dakota State University (NDSU) civil engineering students won the annual National Steel Bridge Competition.

  • Proof positive

    A recent study of Seattle's Interstate 90 floating bridge proved the feasibility of adding a light rail transit system atop the structure.

  • Bottleneck-battling bridge opens

    After six years of construction, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge was opened to traffic on June 9.

  • Iowa bridge marks technology milestone

    A four-year research partnership between the Iowa DOT (IDOT), Iowa State University (ISU), and Lafarge North America has lead to the opening of an innovative concrete bridge in the Hawkeye State.

  • Polymer overlays lengthen bridge life

    Originally offered more than two decades ago, polymer bridge overlays slowly have been gaining wide acceptance as a viable alternative to more standard bridge construction and rehabilitation materials.

  • Durability by design

    Neoprene bearing pads are commonly used in bridges due to their durability, simple details, and maintenance-free qualities.