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  • Composite Bridge Passes Tough Test

    A full-size locomotive pulling 26 heavy-axle-load coal cars has traversed the world's first composite railroad bridge, opening up the possibility that the corrosion-resistant material is just as viable an option as concrete and steel beams for highway bridges.

  • The Shadow of the Bridge

    Eric Steel's documentary

  • Bridge-fatigue whiz wins prize

  • Engineering and environmental equilibrium

    River crossing restoration projects are happening all over the country. What many public works departments may not be aware of is that they are not the only entities interested in replacing the infrastructure. Projects like this represent a unique partnership opportunity among local entities...

  • Shock therapy

    Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete is a dangerous problem--and all too common for the many bridges in Florida's salt-water environments. It induces cracks and spalls, which compromises structural integrity and public safety.

  • ‘Epoxy Creep’ blamed in Big Dig collapse

    According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), failure to account for shifting epoxy led to a fatal collapse that could cost the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA) millions of dollars in both civil and criminal penalties.

  • Bridging Controversy and Consensus

    The Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) was faced with juggling competing demands in the reconstruction of two bridges feeding into Annapolis, the 350-year-old state capital. It sson became clear that garnering community support had to be the top priority.

  • Gentler Testing

    Several nondestructive tests can be used to evaluate concrete bridges.

  • Put bridges to the test

    Concrete bridges are major investments and critical to local transportation systems, but traffic, trauma, and exposure to the elements can cause them to deteriorate. That's why prudent owners schedule periodic evaluations to ensure bridges function safely

  • For Whom the Bridge Tolls

    As the last segment of a new toll bridge was put in place in late March, California transportation officials looked forward to the end of a major traffic headache.