More stories about Asphalt Paving %26 Repair

  • Mining for savings

    Cold in-place recycling stretches road funds because crushed materials are used onsite rather than hauled away.

  • Tour centers on asphalt's hottest topics

  • Recycling gets hot

    Cut costs by adding more recycled asphalt pavement to the mix.

  • Portland's porous pavement a prize

  • Ahead of the game

    Santa Barbara County is one such agency now reaping the rewards (and awards) from a pavement preservation program it launched six years ago.

  • Save asphalt–up the RAP

    It may be time to consider means for increasing RAP content of asphalt pavement mixes even further, especially in light of the increasing oil prices that directly affect the cost of asphalt.

  • Cold patch with a twist

    John Ackerman, general manager of Everett, Wash.-based YK Products LLC, explains the innovative U.S. Cold Patch.

  • The asphalt QC challenge

    Over the past 20 years or so, the majority of state DOTs have transferred primary responsibility for quality control of asphalt materials over to the producers doing the work. But state agencies nevertheless know that to a large extent, the buck stops with them when it comes to quality assurance.

  • Warm mix: the push is on

    Industry professionals are putting warm-mix asphalt to the test in an effort to fast-track the environmentally-friendly substance to mainstream use.

  • Asphalt recycling gains momentum