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  • Beating thirsty dirt

    A Texas city requires developers to test soil for water content before designing and building roads.

  • Show-Me State meets road challenge

    In his 2005 Smooth Roads Initiative, Missouri governor Matt Blunt delivered a challenge for the Missouri DOT (MoDOT): improve 2200 miles of the state's busiest highways by the end of 2007. Road crews beat the goal by one year.

  • Public projects procure pavement prizes

    The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has recognized several such projects with its 2006 Excellence in Concrete Pavement awards. The program honors owners, contractors, and engineers for pavement projects demonstrating quality, cost-consciousness, and minimal road-user delays.

  • Curb appeal

    Discover the beauty and benefits of decorative pavement. By taking a decorative approach, cities do more than dress themselves up. They increase the visibility and awareness of crosswalks and bike paths, calm traffic without creating an eyesore, and revitalize neighborhoods and business districts...

  • Grace under pressure

    Custom-made manhole risers stand the test of time and traffic.

  • Trial run

    As part of its continuing effort to improve construction methods, CDOT is comparing the pros and cons of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) and portland cement concrete pavement (PCCP).

  • APWA Expo preview: roads, bridges, and traffic

    A preview of APWA events related to roads, bridges and traffic.

  • High prices hinder construction

    With no end in sight to rising oil prices and the increasing global demand for cement, transportation projects continue to experience significant delays.

  • Good communication improves safety

    Thanks to a newly constructed sidewalk in Algonquin Township, Ill., pedestrians along U.S. Route 14 between the villages of Cary and Fox River Grove will have a safer passageway.

  • From peat to pavement

    Not long ago, farmers who hauled their crops to market built new roads using nearby materials. So it was with a road now called County Trunk Highway (CTH) S in northwestern Racine County, Wis. The north-south highway connects the village of Wind Lake with CTH K to the south, a distance of about 3...