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  • Infrastructure Construction & Maintenance

    A team effort shaves 20 days off railroad grade crossing improvements.

  • Environmentally Sensitive Solution Honored

  • Clearing the Road

    Lake Forest, Calif., had a big challenge. One of southern Orange County's oldest communities, the city was surrounded by shiny new retail centers that were stealing local shoppers and dollars. Further complicating the problem was El Toro Road; the primary roadway to the city's downtown was ranked...

  • Controversial Road Project Open for Business

    For half a century, the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton, Ontario, has had its share of controversy. In 1956, infrastructure managers conceived the expressway project, and the transportation corridor became part of the city

  • Rock-steady railway

    As an officer of the Deep Foundations Institute, I have had the opportunity to travel the globe and meet engineers from around the world. We have found common ground in our engineering challenges and shared countless ideas and experiences, to the mutual benefit of our respective clients.

  • Paving for the Long Haul

    To help manage its 3200 two-lane miles of highways, the Vermont Agency of Transportation uses a pavement management system from Deighton Associates Ltd. of Bowmanville, Ontario.

  • Information-Based Budgeting

    Turning around the condition of a city's streets is difficult at best. After years of neglect, Los Angeles suburb Oxnard, Calif., is beginning the long, slow climb back to smoother rides for its 180,000 residents.

  • Ahead of the Curve

    When one of the world's largest freight companies wants to expand its presence in your state, you don't say there's not enough time to build the roads that will lead to the new facility.

  • Top-notch team effort: Growth Industry

    Since 1996, states have made it increasingly possible for public agencies to manage projects using design-build.

  • Top-notch team effort

    A tiny water district in Colorado opts for design-build on a Class 1 dam, saving a million dollars and a year on construction, and earning kudos from the U.S. Society on Dams.