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  • Seven new drinking water products

    American Water Works Association exhibitors showcased easy-to-use items that increase a crew’s productivity without time-consuming training.

  • Pipe-tapping teams beat the clock (video)

    Every year, winning men and women's teams from American Water Works Association state chapters travel to the association's annual conference to see who can tap into a cement-lined ductile iron pipe the fastest. Here are the latest additions to the Pipe Tapping Hall of Fame.

  • Produces ozone 25% more efficiently

    "Next-generation" electrodes come with a 10-year warranty.

  • Clog-resistant alternative to mesh screens

    Qualified prospects may request an introductory trial of modular units that drop down from the top and are fully supported from above, making them a cost-effective retrofit option for utilities trying to lower the cost of maintaining older, outdated equipment.

  • Turns water trucks into real-time communication tools

    Crews can establish a reliable wireless network in disaster areas and remote locations within minutes for voice and data connectivity.

  • Easy-to-install water tank mixer

    A low-cost way to ensure uniform water age and consistent distribution of disinfectant, these electric-powered mixers pull water off the bottom 3 ft. -- the most critical part of a potable water storage tank.

  • Watertight pipe connector

    "Dynamic deflection" enables this coupler to absorb a wide variety of fluctuating stresses, providing a durable and watertight connection.

  • Remote-control water tank inspection

    Crews don't need formal training to cost-effectively assess the condition of tanks, dams, seawalls, and pilings.

  • Hosted water meter data management

    As the first offering in the new STAR_select product line, STAR_prestige hosted meter data management features common storage to ensure data integrity and requires user authentication for security.

  • Moyno 2000 HS system technology targets dewatered sludge cake

    The Moyno 2000 HS system is significant technology advancement for the wastewater treatment industry. It can pump filter cake further distances with higher volumetric efficiencies than any other progressing cavity pump.