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  • Galeton gloves for sewer and drain cleaning

    Galeton ROTO Gloves with knit cuffs are designed for workers cleaning out drains and sewers.  

  • RIDGID Line Locator with Bluetooth and GPS

    The RIDGID SR-24 Line Locator is a locating receiver that streamlines creating accurate maps of underground utilities to protect critical assets.

  • DOW Filmtec Seamaxx reverse osmosis elements

    Launched in Americas at the CaribDA 2014 Conference & Exposition, the new DOW Filmtec Seamaxx Reverse Osmosis elements help reduce the high amount of energy typically needed to create freshwater from saltwater.

  • KOCH Megapure Hollow Fiber Product Line

    High-solids water treatment in an advanced cartridge design

  • Valve ends sewer backflow problems

    Lasso Technik's new Stop Silent Light Check Valve is designed to not only prevents sewer backflow into buildings, but also block animal infestation into the pipe system.

  • Complete 30 hours continuing education at your desk

    The 11,000 drinking water professionals at the American Water Works Association convention in Boston earned 4,500 continuing education units and/or professional development hours. Couldn’t go? No sweat: You can still earn credits.

  • Seven new drinking water products

    American Water Works Association exhibitors showcased easy-to-use items that increase a crew’s productivity without time-consuming training.

  • Pipe-tapping teams beat the clock (video)

    Every year, winning men and women's teams from American Water Works Association state chapters travel to the association's annual conference to see who can tap into a cement-lined ductile iron pipe the fastest. Here are the latest additions to the Pipe Tapping Hall of Fame.

  • Produces ozone 25% more efficiently

    "Next-generation" electrodes come with a 10-year warranty.

  • Clog-resistant alternative to mesh screens

    Qualified prospects may request an introductory trial of modular units that drop down from the top and are fully supported from above, making them a cost-effective retrofit option for utilities trying to lower the cost of maintaining older, outdated equipment.