More stories about Water

  • Public works department works through ice cold conditions

    Our April 2014 Department of the Month kept their town up and running this winter despite temperatures of minus 30 degrees F.

  • Congratulations, U.S. Water Prize winners!

    Two of the four recipients of the U.S. Water Alliance's fourth annual program have received coverage in PUBLIC WORKS for their innovative programs: the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati and the water and sewer districts of Orange County, Calif.

  • Drought is only one explanation for California’s water crisis

    As California continues to battle its water crisis, the situation is drawing remarkable attention from media, local officials, and even the federal government. While the ongoing historic drought has made the state’s supply shortages more visible and severe, the roots of California’s water woes are...

  • Clean drinking water tops list of best inventions ever

    A new survey of chemical engineers reports that the ability to treat water so that it can be used for human consumption is the most significant invention in the modern era.

  • Florida DOT approves polypropylene pipe

    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) announced today that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has approved the use of ADS’ High Performance (HP) polypropylene (PP) pipe.

  • Schedule your free pipe demonstration

    A manufacturer of AWWA-C-303 bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe is giving municipal engineers and public works groups a chance to work hands-on with the material.

  • PVC pressure pipe

    PVC surface eliminates the risk of clean water being contaminated during transmission.

  • Marking equipment

    Create and print custom pipe markers, tags, and labels.

  • Locate leaky pipes

    Leak noise correlator IDs and locates leaks in water distribution systems.

  • An option to trenchless construction

    Coffer dam eliminates trenchless installation at a project in Pennsylvania. Workers literally moved a creek.