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  • Easily configurable oxygen diffuser

    The FlexAir MiniPanel’s top-half-only panel perforation provides 760 sq in. of perforated area per assembly.

  • Capital planning for drinking water system

    Plan, design, operate, secure, and sustain water treatment and distribution assets with modeling software that integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS.

  • BMS booster module

    Outfit your high-flow and pressure industrial and wastewater applications with the BMS booster module.

  • Accurate flow measuring

    The HVT-FV Halmi Fabricated Venturi measures full pipe flow of clean or solids-bearing liquids over temperatures from -400° F to 1,250° F.

  • Cost-effective flow rate transmitter

    P420 Series flowmeters communicate flow rates of 12 to 200 gpm of low-viscosity liquids, including those that may contain particles, compatible with PVC and CPVC without moving parts that can stick.

  • Pressure assist eases hydration installation

    The A-2361 resilient wedge gate valve requires the same torque to seal at 350 psi as current distribution valves require at 250 psi.

  • Baffles ensure SWDA compliance

    Director III Clearwell Baffles upgrade the performance of new or existing clearwell disinfection systems to meet the Safe Water Drinking Act’s requirements.

  • Manage solids with reduced pre-treatment and chemicals

    Increase efficiency while improving with water quality with the MegaPure hollow fiber product line.

  • Write specifications in less time

    The volume of water and wastewater content covered by SpecText is up 40% since the beginning of 2014 and still growing.

  • Recognizing safety in public works

    Bloomingdale's Water Reclamation Facility is honored with the 2014 WEF George W. Burke Safety Award for the State of Illinois. The recognition singles out an outstanding safety program at a wastewater treatment facility.